Xolio - Creative Agency HTML5 Template

Billion Total Supply

% Tax Buy

% Tax Sell

% Max Wallet

Contract Features

10 Billion Total Supply

Max Total Supply.

% Reward

% Reward for referrer on Pinksale

No Mint & HP

No mint functions and No honeypot functions.

Lock Liquidity

Liquidity locked For 730 Days On Pinksale.


Phase 1

Website launch

Community Building




Phase 2

Marketing towards Testnet

Blockchain EVM Testnet

Token deployment (Testnet)

Blockscan (Testnet)

Decentralized Exchange - Swap only (Testnet)

Phase 3

Staking and Farming (Testnet)

Airdrop to Testnet contributors

Blockchain EVM Mainnet

Token deployment (Mainnet)

Phase 4

Blockscan (Mainnet)

Decentralized Exchange - Swap only (Mainnet)s

Staking and Farming (Mainnet)

Extra DApps Blockchain

Phase 5

Major partnerships

Multichain bridge

CEX Listing

  • Strong Team

  • Strong Community

  • Partnership